Joint-stock company SKRIN joined the NP RTS Association in August 2002.

The company’s primary products are:

1. The SKRIN information databases/SKRIN Counteragent, which contain the following data:

  • Registration data
  • Managers, owners, inter-relation analysis
  • Financial statements (RAS and IFRS) and financial condition analysis
  • Information on securities (issues of shares and bonds) and accrued interest on them
  • Arbitration cases, bankruptcies
  • Public contracts
  • Monitoring of changes

2. AML/CFT SKRIN services that enable:

  • Customer identification
  • Assignment to the customer of a risk level (in accordance with the recommendations of the Bank of Russia and Rosfinmonitoring)
  • The ability to track changes
  • Holding of internal (at the customer’s company) and external (at SKRIN) employee training

3. The SKRIN Marketing service that enables:

  • Build-up of databases with contact information
  • Monitoring of public procurement
  • Analysis and search for companies based on financial statements

4. SKRIN is accredited by the Bank of Russia to conduct corporate disclosure of joint-stock companies

  • Disclosure of statements and documents
  • Advice on the disclosure procedure

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