Portal for Financial Education at Fingramota.org

The NP RTS Association is, traditionally, actively engaged in improving the financial literacy rate among citizens. To this end, in 2008, with the support of the Expert Group on Financial Education under the Federal Financial Markets Service, an Internet portal for financial education, Fingramota.org, was established and continues its operations to this day.

Today, the news and analytical portal is being developed with the support of the NP RTS Association.

The project aims to explain to a wide audience the complexities of the financial world in simple and accessible language and to warn citizens against making financial mistakes.

Focused on the promotion among Russians of habits of competent financial behavior, a responsible attitude to money, and long-term financial planning, the Internet portal is engaged in educating citizens on a number of issues, including personal finance (personal budget, borrowings and loans, bank tools, investments and savings, etc.), security (fraud in financial markets and in other areas), debt financing and taxation of individual entrepreneurs, the theory of finance (the history of money and the structure of the market system of the Russian Federation), and also presents innovations and new opportunities emerging in the domestic financial market (personal investment accounts, public bonds, and more.)

The Fingramota.org website is updated daily. The resource contains breaking news, articles, videos, and presentations on financial topics.

In addition, the portal contains the following sections: “Learning”, which publishes information about upcoming events in the field of finance, and “Questions and Answers”, where anyone can ask an expert a question on a financial topic of interest.

The NP RTS Association’s educational project is also active offline. In cooperation with financial education organizations and independent financial advisers, Fingramota.org organizes educational lectures and meetings with citizens, and also acts as an information partner for thematic events.

For more information on the Fingramota.org educational project, please, visit the website at http://fingramota.org/ and the Internet portal’s social media accounts at https://vk.com/fingramota_org and https://www.facebook.com/fingramota.org/.