Membership in the NP RTS Association

Since its establishments in 1995, The Association of Financial Market Participants "Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of the RTS Financial Market" (the NP RTS Association), has been playing the role of one of the market development activists, creating new products, introducing advanced technologies, and offering new solutions. Since 2012, after the merger of the RTS and MICEX exchanges, the NP RTS Association has been developing as an independent community of financial market participants.

Today, the NP RTS Association acts as a financial market integrator. It means that the ideas, needs, and resources of participants in the regulated markets of Russia are accumulated, and projects aimed at the development of markets are implemented within the Association.

Becoming a member of the NP RTS Association gets you:

  • Financial market expertise, expert advice on regulation, taxation, reporting, and outsourcing of brokerage infrastructure;
  • Access to the clearing bank products, which will allow you to significantly minimize the expenses of a professional participant;
  • Remote client identification services;
  • A unique market data of foreign shares and a risk rate information on the broadest list of instruments;
  • Access to the universal over-the-counter trading system RTS Board;
  • An opportunity to participate in the operations of NP RTS Committees and to influence the decision-making process on a number of important issues important regarding market development;
  • Subscription to the financial market magazine Financial One.

For the past 10 years, the NP RTS Association has been supporting the publication of the only magazine in Russia devoted to investment, financial markets, and exchange trading for a broad audience of investors (FO Journal), as part of the work aimed at an overall improvement of financial literacy. This unique publication helps investors in finding new opportunities and companies in expanding their client bases. It is truly a unique and widely recognized magazine with quality content.

  • An opportunity to post information about your company in the Investopedia section of the website;
  • An opportunity of defending your company’s interests on the platform of the Financial Market Council, which is an informal association of all financial market SROs. The NP RTS Association actively cooperates with the NAUFOR in terms of monitoring and creating a legislative framework that takes into account the needs of participants;
  • An opportunity to participate in raising the financial literacy of the population through the portal.