About us

The Association of Financial Market Participants "Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of the RTS Financial Market" (the NP RTS Association) unites about 70 professional financial market participants.

The NP RTS Association was established by professional financial market participants in 1995 in order to create a platform for the organization and regulation of over-the-counter trading in securities. Thus, the classic RTS stock market was created.

In the beginning of 2000, the RTS received the stock exchange license. A little later, the most successful Russian market for futures and options (FORTS) appeared on the RTS stock exchange platform.

In 2004, the RTS was transformed into a joint-stock company according to a new regulation.

In 2011, OJSC RTS was merged with the CJSC MICEX.

Currently, the NP RTS Association is working on a number of projects, including the Advanced Trading and Clearing System, the multifunctional information system of the OTC market RTS Board, the Voskhod investment system, and the share market of global companies at the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange). A big role in the trading and clearing infrastructure of the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange), is played by the MFB clearing center, which acts as the central counterparty in transactions with foreign securities.

In addition, the NP RTS Association offers IT services for financial market participants, develops the services of a Best Efforts Bank, publishes a journal on financial markets called Financial One and contributes to the increase of financial literacy through the Fingramota.org portal.

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CZ_WND_ 0 - 100000
GECW 0 - 100000
GAZP 2,23 - 1
VTGK 0,01 - 50000
slav 0,37 - 1000