Legislation news

The “Legislation news” electronic resource began operations on March 3, 2014. The project’s mission is to provide financial market professionals with up-to-date information on the regulation process in this area.

The resource collects news about ongoing and planned changes in the regulatory framework governing the financial market and provides the conditions for their public discussion.

The resource enables market participants:

  • to promptly receive information related to ongoing and planned changes in the regulatory framework;
  • to save time searching for information on the progress of consideration and adoption of regulatory legal instruments;
  • to discuss drafts of regulatory legal acts and submit their own proposals.

The project not only provides information, but also aims to create an electronic platform for the exchange of expert opinions with further submission of them to state authorities responsible for the development of regulatory legal instruments.

The financial market expert community can express its position within the framework of the “Expert Initiative”.

For more information, please, visit the website at “Legislation news”.