Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange)

Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) was established in January 1991. At that time it was known as the Exchange "Saint-Petersburg".

In order to organize securities trading, the Non-commercial Partnership Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg" was established on the platform of the Exchange "St. Petersburg" in April 1997.

Since 1998, the Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg" has topped the list of exchanges authorized by the Government of Russia to organize OJSC Gazprom share trading.

Futures and options trading on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) have been conducted since 1997.
The futures and options market of the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) became the only derivative platform where futures and options obligations were not defaulted on during the 1998 financial crisis. After the acquisition of the platform by the RTS Stock Exchange, it has been reorganized as the FORTS futures and options market. Since 2009, the FORTS has been consistently placed among the top ten futures and options markets in the world in terms of trading volume according to the Futures Industry Association rating.

Since 2010, the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) and the Moscow Exchange (the RTS Stock Exchange at that time) have cooperated on the project of developing exchange trades in commodity futures contracts on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange), within which the futures contracts for diesel, gas oil, wheat, corn, soybeans, and cotton have been launched. In April 2016, futures contracts trading on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) came to an end.

In November 2014, foreign securities trading was launched on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange). At the first stage, 55 most liquid stocks from the list of S&P 500 companies started trading. Transactions are concluded within the Russian legal framework and are settled in US dollars. The shares are held in a Russian depository (SDC) and can be transferred to any depository worldwide.

All categories of investors, including unqualified investors, can trade in these shares on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange).

In 2016, the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) launched a mechanism to ensure access to global liquidity for foreign securities and consequently began expanding the list of securities traded on the exchange. Since mid-2017, all securities from the list of S&P 500 companies have been traded on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange).

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